Preliminary Report The Special Committee
Definitions Regarding Tenure Excerpts from the Laws of the Regents
Excerpts from the Laws of the Regents, University of Colorado

Tenure Criteria

"In making appointment, reappointment, tenure and/or promotion recommendations, all primary units shall take into account the following criteria: the teaching ability of the candidate; the scholarly, creative, and/or research work of the candidate; the University service and public service of the candidate. (Appendix A, page A-3)

"Tenure may be awarded only to faculty members with demonstrated meritorious performance in each of the three areas of teaching, research or creative work, and service, and demonstrated excellence in either teaching, or research or creative work." (Appendix A, page A-4)

Tenure Probationary Period

"Unless waived by the faculty member and approved by the dean and chancellor, a decision upon a tenured appointment as a member of the University faculty shall be made after a maximum probationary period of seven years of continuous full-time service in the ranks of professor, associate professor, and assistant professor. Normally, the tenure review for a faculty member will commence at the beginning of the seventh year of service. A faculty member who is not awarded tenure will be given one year's notice." (Article 5, page 5-3)

Post-Tenure Review

"In order to facilitate continuing faculty development, each faculty member shall be subject to comprehensive peer review and evaluation at least once every five to seven years after the award of tenure.....the faculty evaluation must be comprehensive in scope." (Article 5, page 5-4)