Welcome to the 2015 Conference of the American Association of Italian Studies,

March 26-29, 2015, Boulder, Colorado

News Item: Conference fees will be USD 120 for faculty members, USD 70 for graduate students.

Keynote Speakers for the conference:

Friday, March 27: Director Edoardo Winspeare (Edoardo Winspeare's curriculum and achievements) and Professor Gaetana Marrone Puglia (Princeton University) will discuss the representation of women in Winspeare's movies.

Also on Friday, Director and documentarist Fred Kuwornu will give a presentation on his most recent work, Blaxpoitalian, a documentary on representations of blackness in Italian cinema through the first 100 plus years of its existence.

Saturday, March 28: Professor Carlo Capogreco (Università della Calabria), director of the Ferramonti Project, will talk about Italy's southern concentration camps, while Professor Davide Stimilli (University of Colorado) will talk about the artwork produced by Michel Fingesten, an Italo-Czech artist who was interned in the camps. Produced in connection with the Jewish Studies Caucus and the Program in Jewish Studies at the University of Colorado.

Saturday, March 28: Professor Michael Caesar (for Michael Caesar's curriculum and achievements), who will speak on Leopardi and 'Work.' 

Additionally, we will have a special guest performance from Jewlia Eisenberg and Charming Hostess on The Ginzburg Geography in connection with the Jewish Studies Caucus (for information about the Ginzburg Geography).