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Alliance for Technology Learning and Society

Robert (Bobby) Schnabel is Professor of Computer, Science, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Director of the Alliance for Technology, Learning and Society (ATLAS) Initiative. His research interests include numerical optimization; solution of systems of nonlinear equations, parallel numerical languages, tools and algorithms.

Aerospace Engineering Sciences

Penina Axelrad is an Assistant Professor with research interests in GPS technology and applications. She is currently investigating GPS-based algorithms for attitude and orbit determination of spacecraft, and techniques for mitigating error sources such as multipath in GPS observables.

ARCSS Data Coordination Center

Rudolph J. Dichtl  directs data archive and management for National Science Foundation (NSF) funded Arctic research. He also functions as a technical consultant for science groups in the Arctic.

Arctic and Alpine Research, Institute of

Nel Caine a long-time Associate of the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR) and professor in the Geography Department. He is a geomorphologist specializing in alpine and periglacial processes and landform development. His present research on the alpine systems in the Colorado Front Range.

Mark Williams is a fellow with the Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (also Associate Professor in Geography). His research interests include: processes that determine the hydrochemistry and biogeochemistry of high-elevation basins including the storage and release of solutes from the snowpack, biogeochemical modifications of snowpack runoff, nutrient cycling, and hydrologic pathways and residence time.  Current projects include the Rocky Mountains, Ecuadorian and Bolivian Andes, and Central Asian areas of Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, and China.

Cognitive Sciene, Institute of

           (see faculty in Computer Science Department)

Computer Science

Clayton Lewis is Associate Professor of Computer Science with research interests in the human side of computing technology, including the design of more accessible systems and the human mental processes involved in successful computer use.

Tamara Sumner is an an Associate Professor of Computer Science and an Associate at the Center for Lifelong Learning and Design.   Her research interests include human-computer interaction, design support systems, and educational technology. Recently, she has been applying these interests towards the design of innovative scholarly technologies such as e-journals and digital libraries. 

Earth Science Library

Suzanne Larsen is the Head of the Earth Sciences Library, and is actively with the campus Information Technology community. She is currently working on the Alexandria Digital Library, an Internet-based cataloging and retrieval system for maps and spatial imagery.


Roger Barry is Professor of Geography and Director of the World Data Center-A for Glaciology/National Snow and Ice Data Center. His research interests include climatology (mountain and polar regions, synoptic, and climate change), snow, and ice.

Susan Beatty is Associate Professor of Geography with research interests in plant ecology, biogeography, soils, and disturbance effects on landscapes.

Peter Blanken is an Assistant Professor of Geography who studies the physical processes controlling the exchange of energy, water and carbon between the surface and the atmosphere. Surfaces that have been studied include arctic lakes, boreal and subarctic forests, and alpine wetlands.

Barbara Buttenfield is Associate Professor in Geography. Her research interests include map generalization, cartographic knowledge formalizaiton, animation, and spatial data delivery via the Internet. She is currently leading the user evaluation effort for the Alexandria Digital Library, an Internet-based cataloging and retreival system for maps and spatial imagery.

Ken Foote is a Professor of Geography with research and teaching interests in computer methods and GIS, particularly Internet based applications.  He also studies cultural geography, Amerian landscape history and issues of geography in higher education.

Gary Gaile is Associate Professor of Geography with research interests in Third World development, urban and regional planning, spatial statistics, and the application of directional statistics within GIS.

A. David Hill is Professor Emeritus in Geography with research interests in cultural geography, geographic education, and Latin America.

James Huff is Professor of Geography with research interests in urban geography, population redistribution, central place theory, and mathematical structures.

James Robb is the Staff Cartographer in the Department of Geography. His current work working on a major project to produce maps of Colorado bikeways.

Konrad Steffen is Associate Professor of Geography and Fellow of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences. His research involves climatology and remote sensing applications for polar regions where the multi-layered information from satellites and ground measurements are used within a GIS.

Thomas Veblen is Professor of Geography with research interests in integrating tree-ring methods with traditional field and experimental approaches in GIS-based analyses of disturbance regimes and forest dynamics.  His work includes forest from the southern Andes to the Rocky Mountains.

Geological Sciences

Roger Bilham is a Professor of Geological Sciences and a Fellow of CIRES. His research interests include the measurement of plate boundary deformation in Asia, Iceland, Africa and the Americas using GPS geodesy, absolute-g and continuous deformation sensors such as strainmeters, tiltmeters and creepmeters. He is currently working on characterizing the rupture of zones of future great Himalayan earthquakes using digital elevation data and deformation data from an expanding network of telemetered GPS receivers in the Himalaya. He maintains a network of telemetered creepmeters along the San Andreas System in California, and a strong-motion stain sensor array in Mexico City.

Alexander Goetz is Professor of Geological Sciences and Director of the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences' Center for the Study of Earth from Space.

Health Sciences

Jim Ruttenber is an Associate Professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Biometrics at CU’s Health Science Center. His research interests involve occupational and environmental health, utilizing spatial analysis and GIS methodologies.

Institute of Behavioral Science

John O'Loughlin is Professor of Geography and Faculty Research Associate in the Institute for Behavioral Sciences. His research interests are the modelling of international cooperation and conflict, electoral geography, and urban social geography.

Andrei Rogers is Professor of Geography and Director of the Institute for Behavioral Sciences Population Program. He has research interests in mathematical demography, migration, settlement, and aging.

Map Library

Elisabeth Filar  is head of the map library, which is housed in the Earth Science Library.   This collection is based on the Federal Depository program, which means that it primarily contains
publications from United States federal mapping agencies.

Norlin Library

James F. Williams II is Dean of Libraries at CU-Boulder. His interests include the adoption of information technology to Library Science, digital libraries, and distributed delivery of library services.