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University of Colorado-Boulder is a founding member, playing a pivotal role in the formation of the Consortium. The first Annual Assembly (an organizational meeting) was hosted by CU and held in Boulder, December, 1994. CU has demonstrated expertise in numerous departments, research centers and institutes on campus.

"The mission of UCGIS is to advance understanding of earth and environmental processes and spatial relationships  through improved theory, methods, and Information technology. Members of UCGIS achieve this by training future scholars and professionals, through research in basic and applied science, and through outreach to communities who either use or have a need for digital environmental information in all its forms and formats."

Report on the June 2000 UCGIS annual meeting hosted by OSU :  Meeting Objectives

Multidisciplinary Nature of GIScience

Faculty and staff from many different departments and institutes use geographic information systems in their domain-specific research.   An interactive listing of participating departments and research centers can be accessed by the facilities link.


Each UCGIS member institution must name two official delegates, who serve on the UCGIS Council, vote at national UCGIS meetings, and may hold UCGIS offices.

Barbara Buttenfield

Ken Foote