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Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) coursework can be found in many forms on campus. Geography offers the most concentrated curriculum. Electives and applications courses are available in many other departments.
CVEN 2012 Plane Surveying
CSCI 3287 Computer Databases and Information Systems
ENVD 2152 GIS for Planners
ENVD 3022 Technical Photography
ENVD 4023 Environmental Impact Statements
GEOG 2043 Environmental Field Techniques
GEOG 2053 Maps and Mapping
GEOG 3053 Cartography
GEOG 4093 Remote Sensing of the Environment
GEOG 4103 Introduction to GIScience
GEOG 4203 GIScience 2: Modeling Applications
GEOG 4732 Population Geography
GEOG 5093 Remote Sensing of the Environment: Graduate Level
GEOG 5103 Introduction to GIScience: Graduate Level
GEOG 5113 Advanced Topics in GIScience
GEOG 5183 Data Processing in the Earth Sciences
GEOG 5203 GIScience 2: Modeling Applications for Graduate Students
GEOG 6180 Spatial Statistics
(classes not hotlinked are not offered in current semester)