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Teaching Scholars' Projects in Teaching and Learning

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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)


Since the inception of the program, the President’s Teaching Scholars on all campuses have been engaged in projects to enhance learning and interactive pedagogy. The scholars have also taken opportunities to mentor new faculty and early career faculty in their departments, schools, and colleges. The President's Teaching Scholars as scholars of teaching and learning and as scholarly teachers propose to enhance their project work to include faculty peers on their campuses. To that end, we offer the Project Gallery – one-page depictions of current projects; even projects that have been completed will evolve over time as refinements, fine grain judgments, and enhancements are made. We invite you to email the scholar whose project is being illustrated in the Project Gallery by clicking the PTSP Directory. The scholars wish to be involved with faculty peers in the broader intellectual issues of learning and teaching, thereby becoming a member of faculty learning community.

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Mary Ann Shea – Director


Marty Bickman – Director of Graduate Student Teacher Education and Denver Summerbridge

Doug Burger – Pedagogical Projects

Laura Goodwin – Mentoring Program

Clayton Lewis – Redeveloping Undergraduate Computer Science
 & Colorado Learning Assessment Project

Ed Rivers – Course Takes UCB Students ‘Beyond Academic Writing’

Nort Steuben– Mentoring and Technology in the Classroom

Rick VanDeWeghe – Teaching Committee

Don Warrick – Director of Teaching Development for UCCS College of Business



Fred Coolidge – Working Memory and Executive Functions

Mike Cummings – Pedagogy Seminar

 & Community of Learning



John Taylor– CAPA, “Modern Physics,” and “Classical Mechanics”



Alex Cruz – Mentoring Students

Wes Morriston – Teaching with Technology Program and Mentoring



Mike Shull– Mentoring to New Assistant Professors and Development of a New Astronomy Major



Gene Abrams – Interdisciplinary 401: The Honors Senior Roundtable



Paul Harvey – Measuring Classroom Learning



Brian Argrow – Mentoring

John Falconer – Making Thermodynamics More Visual, and Engaging Students in the Classroom



Dan Barth – Improving Undergraduate Education in the Neurosciences

Carl Wieman – Examining Student Attitudes about Science and the Learning of Science



Mike Eisenberg – The Computational World

Shelby Wolf – Report on Narrative Research & Creating Powerful Pedagogy with Preservice Teachers



Diane Conlin – Collaborative Learning, Study Abroad, and the Global Student

Stanley Deetz – Native Theory

Steven Medema – The Impact of Writing on the Student Performance in Economics

Steven Pollock Investigating the Gender Gap in Introductory Physics

Elizabeth Robertson – Reading Then and Now



Andrea Herrera – PTSP Project Description

Lonnie Johnson – Oral Health Education in Rural Colorado



Diane Sieber Assessing - and Addressing - Students' Online Identities



Mark Earnest – Developing and Measuring Interprofessional Teamwork Competencies in Health Professions Students

Robert Feinstein – Psychotherapy Curriculum and Clinical Training

David Klaus – Defining Classroom Objectives and Measuring Outcomes

Eric Stade – Order of Operations: It's not Just for PEMDAS Anymore



Noah Finkelstein – Modifying Sophomore Physics: A Gateway Course

Harihar Rajaram – An Immersive Environment for Advanced Learning in Undergraduate Fluid Mechanics



Chip Benight – Transformative Learning: The Importance of Self-Reflection and Faculty Trust

Scot Douglass – The Efficacy of E-portfolios for the Consolidation of Formal and Informal Learning

Beth Dusinberre – Learning Through Active Learning Projects


Lisa Keranen- The Efficacy of Digital Storytelling Projects on Student Learning and Engagement

Helen Norton- Developing Professional Judgment

Raphael Sassower- The Pedagogy of Controversial Questions


Roseanne Neupauer- Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering

Valerie Otero- Science Education

Multiple Years

Bob Averbach & Don Kleier – Mentoring Program in Endodontics

Bill Briggs & Mitch Handelsman – Studies of Student Engagement