President's Teaching Scholars Program




Characteristics of Highly Effective Teaching

The President's Teaching Scholars are highly effective in designing and re-designing their courses. Deep learning and rapport with their studends is foremost in their minds. We invite you to read this section and to use the Teaching Scholars Directory on this website to converse with any of the Scholars. We know from the research literature on teaching that having conversations with colleagues about teaching assists us in getting over not only immediate stumbling blocks in one's students but in the delightful discussions about the broader intellectual issues in teaching.

Mary Ann Shea – Director

Dan Barth
Psychology Department

Diane Conlin
Art and Art History Department and Classics Department

Mike Cummings
Political Science Department

Stan Deetz
Communication Department

Mike Eisenberg
Computer Science Department

John Falconer
Chemical and Biological Engineering Department

Michael Grant
EPO Biology Department

Mitch Handelsman
Psychology Department

Paul Harvey
History Department

Andrea Herrera
Women's and Ethnic Studies Department

Don Kleier
School of Dentistry

Clayton Lewis
Computer Science Department

Steve Medema
Economics Department

Wes Morriston
Philosophy Department

Steven Pollock
Physics Department

Joan Ray
English Department

Ed Rivers
English Department

Harvey Segur and Mary Nelson
Applied Mathematics Department

Don Warrick
Business Department

Mimi Wesson
School of Law

Shelby Wolf
Education Department


Please click here for the Index of Teaching Scholars' Published Research: 2009-2013