President's Teaching Scholars Program


Roseanna Neupauer and Valerie Otero    2015/16 Scholars


The President's Teaching Scholars Program, established in 1989 as a presidential initiative, is designed to honor faculty who have excelled in effective and exemplary teaching, creative work, scholarship, and research. The President’s Teaching Scholars are chosen from all University of Colorado campuses designated not only for skill in their own classrooms but for their promise of improving education and enlarging its possibilities across the University.

The Teaching Scholars, serving as ambassadors for teaching and research, establish and develop individual, departmental, and campus-wide projects in assessing classroom learning, cultivating teaching and engaged learning, integrating research into teaching, and mentoring. The Teaching Scholars, of which there are currently seventy nine, begin their covenant with an annual fall retreat. President's Teaching Scholars are designated and committed to active engagement in the program for their lifetime in the University of Colorado Academy.

Consider becoming a donor to the President's Teaching Scholars Program. We want to continue the program's very fine work representing and promoting innovation in student learning. The President's Teaching Scholars and their faculty peers help learning and teaching to prosper on each campus.

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