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The Lease Operations is dedicated to helping the mission of the University of Colorado by making a rental fleet available for University use -- such as transportation to: meetings, field trips, the airport, conferences, athletic competition, etc.

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Fleet List

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Compact CarSport Utility VehiclePassenger Van
4-5 passenger4-5 passengers (all 15 passengers (available
* Prius with hitch and 4WD) features: hitch)
* Stratus * Cherokee* Chevy van
* GMC van
Mini vanCarry All* Ford van
7 passengers 9 passengers (available
* Caravan features: hitch, 4WD) Cargo Van
  * Suburban 2 passengers
Trailer   * Chevy
* Pace American* Ford


Reserving a vehicle

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1. (This step is optional, but very helpful for those unfamiliar with leasing a car through Transportation Services.) Call the Lease desk with the following information to confirm that an appropriate vehicle is available for the time you need:

2. Fax (492-1554) or e-mail a completed Lease Reservation Form to the Lease desk. Certain account numbers require an I.N. to reserve a vehicle, see Vehicle Lease Rates for more information on payment. Lease Reservation Forms can be downloaded from this page, picked up from Transportation Services, faxed or campus mailed to you upon request. Or, an electronic copy of the Word document can be emailed to you upon request.

3. The request will be process, and a confirmation will be faxed or e-mailed back to the requester.


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A current Departmental Authorization Form must be on file at Transportation Services for each University account charged for vehicle rental before a vehicle will be reserved. Authorization forms are to be updated before the fall sessions. New forms are mailed to each department each fall. Additional forms can be faxed or campus mailed upon request.

The authorization form lists each person who may reserve and/or drive a vehicle for a given account number. It also lists each person's Drivers license number, date of birth, and whether s/he is required to take the Defensive Driving Course (DDC). A rental vehicle cannot be released to anyone not listed on the authorization form in the Transportation Services office. This authorization must be signed by the person responsible for that account number.

Only authorized University employees and individuals on official University business may drive State vehicles. The vehicle may not be used for personal use under any circumstances.

Long Term and out of state leases

To lease a vehicle on a long term basis (monthly and permanently assigned vehicles) or for out of state travel, follow the steps outlined under Reserving a vehicle, and provide a written request stating reasons for vehicle and type of use. This must be completed no less than five working days prior to the departure date. Drivers are advised to allow extra time when picking up a vehicle to check the vehicle before departure and to get briefed on procedures regarding the use of the vehicle.

Departments leasing vehicles, assume responsibility for the care and security of each vehicle. This includes parking and traffic tickets, cleaning the vehicle, changing flat tires, routinely checking the various fluid levels, and contacting Transportation Services garage for maintenance.

For long term leases, monthly mileage log must be turned in no later than the 20Th. of each month.

Transportation Services will provide additional parts, fluids, and/or emergency equipment for trips going out of the U.S. or to remote areas upon request. Any department planning to take a vehicle out of the U.S. must make themselves aware of the requirements of the country (s) they will be entering. The increased gasoline prices and extra wear and tear on the vehicles may result in higher rental rates. All receipts, including accurate conversion of liters to gallons and foreign currency to dollars, must be kept and returned to Transportation Services.

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