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Bus Driver's Handbook




This handbook was devised to aid in your training as a driver for the University of Colorado Transportation Center. It is absolutely necessary that you familiarize yourself with this handbook. This book is one of many facets of your training and you will be expected to know it thoroughly before you can receive full drivers pay and are certified to drive for the TC. You must also pass an open book test on FMCSR (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) information. How well you perform your duties, in a large part, determines how much business the TC gets and how many hours you receive. Thus, skillful vehicle operation, a clean, safe bus and a positive driver attitude all convey the professionalism necessary to satisfy our customers and increase our business. Knowledge of this book will help you reach these goals.


Table of Contents




I. Emergency Operating Procedures
Accident Reporting
Emergency Phone Numbers
II. Trouble Shooting
III. Routine Operating Procedures
Weekend/After Hours
Adding Fluids
Start Up/Shut Down
Wil Vil
Travel Time
Mountain Driving
IV. Unique Features of Vehicles
24-Passenger Vans
V. TC Policies
Mission Statement
Drug and Alcohol Policy
Driver Requirements
Special Policies
Bus Rules
Pay Procedure
Customer Relations
Driver Evaluations
Disciplinary Actions
VI. Sample Forms


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