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The People's Summit on Globalization is free and open to the public. The Summit has been made possible by the generous support of the University of Colorado Cultural Events Board and the Arts and Sciences Student Government. In addition to the conference events, many student organizations are sponsoring concurrent events which open to all conference participants. Introduction
The People's Summit on Globalization
What is globalization and what does it mean to you? Is it the ability to talk to your loved ones on the other side of the world at the push of a button or is it the threat of your job going overseas?

The People's Summit on Globalization is not a conference about some ethereal process of global economic development. This conference is about people and the places where they live. You will hear, first-hand, the stories of farmers in India, textile workers in Korea, villagers in Ecuador, and people living on the coast of Kenya.

You will also share the diverse experiences of people living within the United States. Come hear the stories of factory workers in the Silicon Valley, migrant farmers on the Tex-Mex border, people of the Navajo nation, journalists in New York struggling to maintain a free voice on the nation's airwaves, and many other gripping accounts of life in the US today.

In these stories, you will hear time and time again about the struggle for justice against the odds. You will be challenged to ask the question "who sets the odds and how?"

Big players will emerge in these stories, including the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and transnational corporations.

You may find yourself asking, "Who are these big players and why are so many different communities of people struggling against them?"

Come to the People's Summit on Globalization to engage other people who really care about the effects these big international institutions are having on people's lives.

Come find out how you can help the people struggling for justice.

How can international institutions be held accountable to the communities whose lives they effect?

How can we make the voice of these institutions resonate the voice of the people.

If these institutions cannot or will not resonate the voice of the people, then how can we make the voice of the people the voice of "globalization."


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Sponsored Speakers
Ignacio Ibarra
Jason Wallach
Njoki Njehu
Kevin Danaher
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Chul Soon Rhie

Sponsored Speakers
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