Our Staff
Rev. Zach Parris - Campus Pastor
Zach is our campus pastor, though he prefers the title, 'Theological Cartographer.' He has the pleasure of cultivating, leading, and being pulled along by a community supported by the ELCA and the Episcopal Church called, 'Bread+Belonging.' As the Theological Cartographer at CU he works to create imaginative space for students to develop a broad and inclusive understanding of their place in the universe. For reasons unknown Zach holds an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering, though if he could do college one more time he'd be an English major. A Carolinian by birth, a Chicagoan by luck, a Californian at heart, and a Coloradan by the grace of God, Zach lives in Niwot, Colorado, with his spouse and their two dachshunds; Mr. Wilson and Baby Doe.

Megan Sawyer - Program Coordinator
Megan is fantastic. One of these days she's going to write an interesting and quirky biography that will appear in this space. One day she will, but that day is not today.

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