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Procedure to get a Social Security Number (SSN)
The rules to get a Social Security Number have changed. Hereís how you go about getting yourself a SSN

You must have a job offer letter first and foremost.

If you are on a F1 visa, you can work only on campus for 20 hours/week. You will be paid once in two weeks on an hourly basis. To find jobs, get yourself an ITS Id (Identi-key), then go to the CU-Connect Site. Navigate to the Financial Tab and search for on campus jobs. Email or call as necessary and find a job.

The next bit is a little twisted. Most people wonít hire you until you have a SSN. So you must get your employer up to terms with the rules and convince him to give a letter in the immigration-approved format. You can collect it from the ISSS. Hereís a sample:


To Whom It May Concern

This is evidence of on-campus employment for <name as on passport>

<Describe Nature of job (Title, description of duties>

Anticipated Start Sate : Number of Hours/week

Employer Contact Information

Name :
Employer Telephone Number
Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Name of Studentís immediate supervisor Title of studentís immediate supervisor

Signature of immediate supervisor Date


Where to go

Take the bus 'Skip' on 'Broadway' street and get down at Table Mesa stop (fare is $1.10). There ia a shopping complex, as soon as you get down, behind the Indian restaurant Tandoori Grill (Lunch buffet here is the best in Boulder and is about $11 per head including tax and tip). Take the big stairs on the left-hand side of it in the complex and if you keep walking straight you will find Social Security Office the right hand side. Make sure to get your postal address before applying. If you do not have an apartment make sure you take an address where your card will be posted.

Social Security Number is very important and has to be kept confidential and should not be given to any person except certain school officials, bank, and on credit card application etc.


Last Updated : Aug 10, 2005