University of Colorado Boulder

About the CU Cultural Events Board

CEB believes that a university experience is more than simply showing up to class. At the University of Colorado, students are given the chance to enrich their educational experience through opportunities that develop their understanding of culture, diversity, and social awareness. CU sits at the epicenter of many different ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds, and the Cultural Events Board supports and facilitates students as they navigate these points of intersection. Students from all walks of life can immerse themselves in an environment that goes beyond academia, entering a realm of growth and worldliness. In a given week, students may find themselves dancing the Bhangra to Hindi pop music, attending a drag show, watching a documentary about artistic movements in the Middle East, or engaging in dialogue with a best-selling author.

Meet the CEB Board

Board Members are comprised of your fellow students, and are all exceptionally devoted to cultural education on CU's campus and passionate about the diverse ideas we attempt to represent. They tend to be high-energy, well-traveled, curious, and have interesting backgrounds. To learn more about them, or to get in contact, select a member's name.


Natalia MarroquinChair

Cassandra DuchanMarketing Coordinator

Anneliese Wilson Speaker's Coordinator

Naureen SinghStudent Outreach Coordinator

Sana MianAssistant Speaker's Coordinator

Evan LihMember at Large

Yousef AlsabrWeb Master

Rohan PeddiSecretary / Historian

Simon FesehaSocial Media Coordinator

Xia DuffingMember at Large

Natalie LashMember at Large

Jessica RinardMember at Large

Raleigh MatthewsMember at Large

Isaac BuckMember at Large

Noori TawakolMember at Large

Bryce ChangMember at Large

Julia SqueriMember at Large

Erin DeweseCEB Adviser