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Legacy of Leadership
Black Student Leadership at the University of Colorado at Boulder

In 1997, I embarked on one of the most rewarding and important projects of my young career. I called it the Legacy of Leadership project and intended to discover the history of Black student leadership at the University of Colorado at Boulder. It didn't take long for people to see the value of having a recorded history of the Black community on the Boulder campus, and so this project has been snowballing ever since. The first round of my research has been completed and I offer to all those interested a timeline of events that I have assembled. I’m currently finishing the second round of interviews and intend to begin a third round of interviews and surveys shortly there after. My research is largely dependant on the personal stories and experiences of our community.

If you would be interested in sharing your story as part of our Legacy than please contact me.


Amauri DaRocha (CU-Boulder Alum ’99, ‘02)