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Dual-rate delivery of proteins from an injectable system of chitosan microgels embedded in alginate hydrogel

Riederer, Michael

Colorado School of Mines

Three-dimensional hydrogel culture platforms to dynamically change mechanical microenvironment of valvular interstitial cells

Mabry, Kelly

University of Colorado, Boulder

Verifying fluorocarbon composition of phase-change droplets to be used as a pressure or thermal probe

Gloor, Andrew

University of Colorado, Boulder

In Vitro Model Alveoli From Photodegradable Templates And Primary Lung Epithelial Cells

Lewis, Katherine

University of Colorado, Boulder

Control Over Vesicle Formation and Behavior Using Photo-Click Chemistry

Konetski, Danielle

University of Colorado, Boulder

Controlled local delivery of therapeutic antibodies from injectable hydrogels

Fletcher, Nathan

Colorado School of Mines

Continuous flow microbubble size isolation and concentration for injectable oxygen delivery technology.

Smith, William

University of Colorado, Boulder