CU Buffaloes Baseball

About the Buffs


The University of Colorado is one to two schools in the Big 12 Conference without a Division I Varsity Baseball Team. The program was cut in the mid 1980's along with several other varsity sports with the institution of Title IX. The team has been part of the Club Sports Organization ever since. We are also a self-coached, self-run program in which every player participates on and off the field to help maintain the team's success.

League and Conference

We are now members of a new nationwide club baseball league called the National Club Baseball Association. This gives us the opportunity to compete on a national level. We are part of the newly formed Mid-America West Conference, which also includes Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado, and University of Colorado - Colorado Springs. The winner of the Mid-America Conference West will play in the Mid America Regional for a bid to the NCBA World Series. We will have two, three game series with each team in our conference to determine the winner

Club Sports

The Club Sports Organization at CU contains 31 sports broken up into Tiers depending on the number of players and the amount of money the team fund raises. We are a Tier 2 club. Club Sports controls our funds, schedules our field and gym time, supplies much of our equipment, and keeps us generally organized.


Every season, CU club baseball holds tryouts to determine who will be on the final roster. Every player who makes the final roster will be required to pay dues in order to keep the team running.  These dues help to pay for our umpires, fields, traveling, and new equipment.


Our home games will be played in Johnstown, Co. From I-25 and highway 36, take I-25 North to the highway 60 exit/Johnstown. Take the highway 60/Johnstown exit east to Jownstown. Turn Left(north on county road 15/Telep ave. The field will be on your right about a mile down(past 4th st). Parking is free and admission is free.


The number one priority of this team is to have fun. That is the reason why we are all still playing baseball. We have always been a close nit team that spends a lot of time together. Our second priority is to win our Conference . In order to do this we must be dedicated to winningl. We all want to play baseball, but you are here to get an education.  School ALWAYS takes priority over baseball, as does family. However, in order to play on this team, you must put in the time that you are capable of. There will be no excuses for being late to or missing practice or games unless we know ahead of time. Your attitude toward your teammates and the team as a whole weigh heavily on your chances of making the final roster and you’re playing time. You attendance and display of dedication will not only have a direct impact on whether you make the team, but if you play in the games.

If and when you make the final roster, you are making a commitment to the team. You will be expected to not only give 100% on the field during games, but off the field whether it is something to help with team business, or attending practices. Your player dues will not be refunded for any reason.


Colorado Buffaloes Baseball