C.U. Animal Rights Nalgene Boycott

If you have engaged in any kind of outdoor activity such as camping, hiking, skiing, or mountain biking, you've probably heard of Nalgene water bottles. Contrary to popular belief, Nalgene is not a small "back to nature" water bottle company. Nalgene is a trade name for the Nalge Company, which is in turn a subsidiary of the Sybron Internation Corporation. The Nalge Company specializes in manufacturing laboratory equipment of all types and is one of the main suppliers of such equipment in both the United States and Europe. Their product line includes devices used in laboratories for experimenting on live animals in medical research. One such product is a restrainer which confines rabbits used in pyrogen testing (pictured above), which can be used for monitoring body temperature and inducing fevers in the rabbits. These devices are also used for injecting the rabbits, and bleeding of the rabbits ears in blood and antibody testing. The rabbit restrainers are touted by Nalge as protecting the animals from breaking their backs in the futile efforts to avoid the pain they are being subjected to.

Since the Nalge Company manufactures and distributes these devices that are used in animal experiments and inflict suffering on defenseless animals, but also tries to pass off its water bottles as being environmentally friendly, a boycott of the Nalge company has been initiated. We are asking that you drop off your Nalgene bottles at any of the below listed places, in exchange for a truely environmentally safe bottle. Here's how it works:

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