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Student Organization of Diversity in Architecture (SODA)
University of Colorado at Boulder College of Architecture and Planning

January 2003

Organization Bylaws

Article One: Name

Then name of this Organization shall be Student Organization of Diversity in Architecture-University of Colorado at Boulder (SODA-UCB)

In this document, the Student Organization of Diversity in Architecture-University of Colorado at Boulder predecessor of National Organization of Minority Architecture Student (NOMAS) is referred to as SODA; Student Organization for Diversity in Architecture.

Article Two: Objectives

The objectives of SODA shall be:

One-To diversify the College of Architecture and Planning curriculum, faculty and student body.

Two-To actively participate on faculty committees (e.g. curriculum, admissions, faculty search) to serve as the College resource of diversification.

Three-To educate ourselves and students of the College of Architecture and Planning on minority issues within the profession of architecture, and the work of minority architects.

Four-To serve as support group for SODA members.

Five-To promote and emphasize the importance of the recognition of the minority community.

Six-To maintain an alumni list of past SODA members, and supporters (administration, faculty, and professional).

Seven-To continue to develop relationships with other Colleges, Schools, Departments, and other Organizations within the University (Ethnic Studies, Geography, History, etc).

Eight- To continue efforts to modify the definition of diversity within the College. This definition may include, but is not limited to “ethnic/racial difference and different fields of study that impact design.”

Nine-To foster unity, fellowship, and cooperation between the SODA member assembly, other Student Government Organizations, and College of Architecture and Planning students.

Ten-To act as a resource for the Boulder community (e.g. K-12 Programs, Habitat for Humanity, Community Outreach Programs).

Eleven-To act as a resource for student to voice their opinions and as a liaison for communication with the administration and faculty (e.g. Admissions, Curriculum).

Article Three: Membership


Active Membership – Shall be granted to any undergraduate student, who is currently enrolled in the College of Architecture and Planning, and a candidate for a degree in Environmental Design. Active members shall retain full voting privileges.

Silent Membership – May be any faculty, staff, professional or student enrolled at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Silent Members shall not retain any voting privileges.

Article Four: The Organization of Government

Section One – Officers terms

The officers of SODA shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Coordinator, and Webmaster. In the case of a vacancy, the officers’ positions will be re-elected by the member assembly. The term of the officer shall be one year and no person may serve simultaneously in more than one position. Transitional assistance for outgoing officers will provide new officers training during the period between the announcement of election results and the end of the academic year.

Section Two – Officers Duties

The President shall act as the executive head of SODA, act as a spokesperson and representative at all the meetings, organizations and committees unless another member is delegated such authority by the President. The President shall attend all faculty meetings, and is responsible for organizing all meetings. SODA meetings shall be held at the beginning of every week, unless voted upon by the SODA officers. These meetings should serve as the updates of all communications within the assembly and College. The President is the responsible for operations of the assembly meeting, the preparation of agendas and meeting minutes/documentation. The President is expected to have an established relationship with the Dean of the College, Associate Chair of the Architecture Department, UCSU Diversity Directors and other Architecture Organizations.

The Vice President shall possess all the powers and duties of the President in the event of an absence, disability, refusal or failure of the President to act as outlined above. An election will be held to fill the position of Vice President in the event that he/she must assume the office of President. Included in the duties the Vice President shall have the power to oversee SODA assembly committees (Social, K-12 programs, Fundraising).

The Secretary shall record minutes at every meeting, keep silent members and faculty updated, and write letters. The Secretary is responsible for obtaining permission from the University of Colorado Administration and College of Architecture and Planning Administration. The Secretary shall oversee committees for special events, letter writing, advertising, etc.

Treasurer shall hold record of all SODA financial accounts and assure that the organization is following all guidelines of the Student Organization Financial Office (SOFO). Treasurer is responsible for writing formal petitions for fundraising purposes.

Social Coordinator shall organize all social events such as banquets, trips, or any activities that do not involve the organization’s full participation. Social Coordinator is responsible for advertising for these events to the student body of the College of Architecture and Planning and /or the University of Colorado. Social Coordinator shall administrate committees to help with the research and planning of these tasks.

Webmaster shall maintain and/or create SODA’s official website. In the event of failing to keep the website updated a committee will be appointed to assist the webmaster. In the event a Webmaster is not elected the position will become a committee.

The Faculty Advisor shall be a member of the faculty of the College of Architecture and Planning and shall be elected by a vote of the assembly; nominations will be taken from the member assembly and reviewed by the SODA Officers. In the event SODA officers cannot be notified by any Organization (APSG, SOFO, etc.) the Faculty Advisor can act as a contact person. The Faculty Advisor shall be a non-voting member of the SODA .

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