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S.O.D.A. was first born in 1999 out of its predecessor, N.O.M.A., the National Organization of Minorities in Architecture. The new acronym of S.O.D.A. was enacted in an effort to broaden the much restricted term of “minority” into the more accepted and positive term of “diversity.”

Although it is important to understand and improve racial diversity in architecture and design, it is more important to be aware of and involved in all aspects of diversity.

Through a diverse political, cultural, religious, ethnic and racial approach to architecture, we, as an organization, seek to attain an understanding of what architecture really is in the perspective of different people, and why each of us enjoys being an architecture student.

Mission Statement

To enrich the diverse and cultural components of the student body.
And Empower the Architecture and Planning community from which companies and firms can recruit.


President :: Charlè Guerrero
Vice President :: Jason Walker
Secretary :: Steve Suranowitz
Treasurer :: Liz De Vore
Social Coordinator :: Kenieth Musser
Webmaster :: Linda Song

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