South Asian Student Association at CU-Boulder

share, recognize, appreciate South Asian Culture


Upcoming Events

April 4th, 2008
SASA Cultural Show

End of April, 2008
SASA Formal

End of April, 2008
SASA Elections

SASA Culture Show

Rules and Guidelines

  1. There will be no repetition of songs, if two performances use the same song they must be different versions. If more the 3 people want to use the same song we will put all names into a bowl and draw two names, those names will use the song. And again, the songs must be different versions.
  2. There will be one mandatory dress rehearsal on April 2rd, in the Glenn Miller Ballroom.
  3. 2 Copies of your CD must be handed in on March 13th directly to Rashmi, Shail or Sharad.
  4. Every song will only be only 5:30 long, no exceptions.
  5. No splitting times, if you have multiple items you are coordinating and do not use the time allocated to you (5:30 you may not transfer the remaining minutes/seconds over to another segment you are coordinating.
  6. Any and ALL props purchased by SASA will be returned to SASA. If the props purchased by SASA are broken, the person responsible will have to compensate for the damaged items. Even if props are broken, they must be returned to SASA. No exceptions.
  7. HAVE FUN! This show is about community, fun and most importantly celebrating our rich culture.