Article I: Purpose

To unite Native American and CU students who take interest in awareness of Indigenous issues. We are here to build and give back to community that enriches CU Boulder.

Article II: Meetings

Article III: Membership

Initially on the meeting date when the Partnership Agreement is signed, and thereafter annually at the meeting to be known as the Annual Meeting, or as needed to fill any vacancy, Members shall be elected by majority vote of the Members present, or by appropriate proxy, to the following positions and duties:

Nominations for Tri-Executive positions will take place in the end of April each year. If absence from the Annual Meeting is unavoidable, appropriate proxies may be submitted before the Annual Meeting to elect Members to serve in Tri-Executive positions.

Article IV: Removal of a Tri-Executive or Member

If a Tri-Executive and/or Member does not fulfill duties required as described in Article III: Membership, that Partner will be notified in writing of the meeting at which removal from office will be discussed and voted upon. At that meeting, the Member may present statements to the Tri-Executives in an effort to retain the position.

Removal will occur if so voted by majority of the Partners present at the meeting or voting by appropriate proxy.

Article V: Guests

Members may invite guests to any meeting of the Club. Everybody is included in the Oyate Native American Student Group, no exclusions will be accepted.

Tri-Executives have the option to have a faculty and/or community advisor.

Article VI: Contributions

Donors and Members are welcome to send contributions to the group.

Article VII: Transactions and Valuation Statement