What is a Xican@????

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"To be Chicana/Chicano is to be indigenous." Vivian Lopez, Yaqui/Apache

Xican@ is a term with which our people have chosen to identify ourselves. It is a rejection to all foreign labels that have been forced upon us. It is a reaffirmation of our indigenous roots and blood and our connection to this land. Simply put, Xican@ means that we are the descendants of the original civilizations of this land (i.e. Mexica, Inca, Maya) with our own hystory, language, and cultura.

"Every mestizo is one less Indian -- or one more Indian waiting to reemerge." Jose Barreiro, Taino/Guajiro

Xican@ is a more recent modification of the traditional term Chican@. Based on an indigenous worldview and identity this self-identification uses Nahuatl (the language or related dialect of the many indigenous groups in what is now Mexico, Central America, and the U.S. Southwest) spelling and pronuniation to validate and embrace the indigenous heritage of the Xican@.

"To be Xicana, is to be Political" Irene I. Blea

M.E.X.A. is not just an organization for students of Mexican descent. The term Xican@ is a term based on cultural, social, and political consciousness. Therefore, it is grounded in a philosophy, not a nationality. As a result, M.E.X.A. is inclusive of all Raza (irrespective of nationality, sexual orientation, and gender) who struggle for the empowerment and liberation of our gente through higher education.