Schedule of Upcoming Events

M.E.X.A. Meetings & Announcements

BSA Fall Formal (MEXA cosponsoring)
"An Evening at the Savoy": A Night of Harlem Renaissance Elegance
November 17, 2001
Boulder Broker Inn
Student Tickets: $30 for singles; $45 for couples
Call (303) 492-1863 for tickets

General Meetings:
Red Dot TBA. To get on our email listserve, send an email to with subscribe in the subject. Include your name and phone number in the text.

Mesa Directiva Meetings:
Red Dot TBA. All are welcome.

Other Meetings/Events:
Red Dot We are very proud to have hosted "Semana de la Xicana" last semester. Make sure to check it out to get a better sense of what we do. Semana De La Xicana...April 9th-13th, 2001....Click here!!!
Red Dot Kitchen Table - discussion group for Women of Color (held every 2nd & 4th Thursday of the month) 4-6pm in UMC 412 Contact the Women's Resource Center at 303-492-5713 or talk to Brianna for more info.

To come this semester with M.E.X.A....
Red Dot Cosponsering the BSA Formal-->see above

Past Events

Red Dot Semana De La Xicana 2001 Red Dot
Monday, April 9th through Friday, the 13th 2001.

Red Dot Indigenous Resistance Red Dot
Tuesday, October 10th through Thursday, the 12th 2000. Click on the link for the agenda/schedule.

Red Dot Semana De La Xicana 2000 Red Dot
Click on the link to view the agenda/schedule.

Red Dot Semana De La Xicana 1999 Red Dot
Tuesday April 13th thru Friday April 16th 1999(click on the link for the agenda)