About Us

When did M.E.Ch.A. Begin?
M.E.Ch.A. was started nationwide in the late 1960's to unite various Chicana/Chicano student organizations. In 1969, at a conference in Santa Barbara, California, basic principles of unity were formulated creating a more solid base for Chicana/o students and activists. El Plan de Santa Barbara, the product of that conference, is a Chicana/o plan for higher education, where students from all backgrounds unite for a common cause: EDUCATION. M.E.Ch.A. continues to fight in the struggle for justice, for Xicana/o people, and ultimately all oppressed peoples through the education of our communities and ourselves.

What is M.E.X.A.?
El Movimiento Estudiantil Xican@ de Aztlán (M.E.X.A.) can be best understood through an analysis of the name itself. Movimiento means that the organization is dedicated to the movement to end the oppression and exploitation of our community. Estudiantil identifies the organization as a student group whose fundamental drive is to organize and challenge Xican@ estudiantes to maintain self-respect and dignity in the struggle for justice and equality. At the heart of the name is the word Xican@, a term with which our people have chosen to identify ourselves. It is a rejection to all foreign labels that have been forced upon us. It is a reaffirmation of our indigenous roots and blood and our connection to this land. Simply put, Xican@ means that we are the descendants of the original civilizations of this land (i.e. Mexica, Inca, Maya) with our own hystory, language, and cultura. Finally, Aztlán is the homeland of our indigenous ancestors. Many people believe that Aztlán is located in what is now called the Southwestern United States. M.E.X.A. de CU Boulder believes that Aztlán is a state of mind, always present, wherever Xican@s actively work for the liberation and self-determination of nuestra gente.

Who is in M.E.X.A.?
M.E.X.A. is not just an organization for students of Mexican descent, but includes Xican@s, Chican@s, Mexican@s and Latin@s. The term Xican@ is a term based on cultural, social, and political consciousness. Therefore, it is grounded in a philosophy, not a nationality. As a result, M.E.X.A. is inclusive of all Raza (irrespective of nationality, sexual orientation, and gender) who struggle for the empowerment and liberation of our gente through higher education. As Mexistas, we accept the challenge of combating all forms of oppression as experienced through racism, classism, sexism, and heterosexism both inside and outside of our Movement.

Where is M.E.X.A.?
M.E.X.A. functions as a national organization with 200+ chapters broken down into various regions. Chapters include junior high, high school, community college and university campuses.

Every year M.E.X.A. comes together to educate and celebrate our shared hystory and culture while also working on issues that pertain to the Raza community. M.E.X.A. de CU Boulder sends at least 20 students to the National M.E.X.A. Conference to bring back new ideas and inspiration in order to continue the education of our members, our campus and above all, our community.