Radio 1190 Interactive

Listen now with MP3

We would suggest using either XMMS for Linux/Unix, WinAMP for the PC, or iTunes for the Mac.
They seem to work well. We do NOT recommend using Windows Media Player or RealPlayer.

veryhigh - 128 kbps 44.1 kHz - *Sorry--Until further notice, this is only available if
you are on the CU Boulder campus, although sometimes it does work off-campus.

midhigh - 92 kbps 44.1 kHz - Most cable broadband connections.

high - 64 kbps 22 kHz - Most cable\DSL broadband connections.

medium - 32 kbps 22 kHz - Slower broadband connections.

low - 16 kbps 11 kHz - Recommended for 56k modems.

How are things working? Please visit our new netcast feedback page.

Radio1190 - Ogg-Vorbis

These are a test of the Ogg-Vorbis stream, an open-source audio codec. For more information about Ogg-Vorbis, visit's site. As far as what client to use, XMMS for Linux/BSD/Unix works great, Winamp 5 for Windows works, and WHAMB for Mac OSX works (we have not tested it ourselves). Of course, more testing will be done.

High Ogg - Ogg High Bit-rate Stream

Mid Ogg - Ogg Medium Bit-rate Stream

Low Ogg - Ogg Low Bit-rate Stream

Ludicrous Ogg - Ogg Ludicrous Bit-rate Stream

The Radio1190 Ogg-Vorbis stream now has new hardware! It should sound a lot better than it has in the past, and it is coming very close to being final. The sound quality of the Medium stream is better than the 128 kB mp3 stream, and at a lower bitrate no-less. We will be adding playlist information to it shortly. Please take a second and stop by the feedback page to share your results.

Listen now with Real Audio
(NOTE: The RealAudio Stream is on a crash-prone University server that we do not control. Please use the MP3 stream above if the Real stream is not working.)

RealPlayer Basic is freely available from RealNetworks for most platforms at this link.
RealPlayer will let you listen Radio 1190's RealAudio stream.


Check out our online playlists.
Playlists are available Monday-Friday between 7am and 9pm.

e-mail your request directly to the DJ.
We try to play all requests, but be patient.
Sometimes we get a lot! or call 303-492-1190