2004 Conference â € ”Listen up!: Women's Voices for radical change
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2003 Conference The Politics of Conflict and Consciousness Women in War and Peace

March 5-8, 2002— The Business of Bodies: Women & The Global Sex Market

March 4-9, 2001 € ” Natives, Aliens, and Immigrants: The Politics of Borders
March 5-10, 2000 The Political Economy of Violence



Welcome to International Women's Alliance (IWA). IWA is a student group at CU-Boulder that organizes around various global issues that affect women, and especially issues affecting women of color. Such topics include (but are not limited to):

globalization racism
militarization classism
human rights issues violence against women
environmental jusitice immigration issues

Each year, we coordinate an annual, week-long conference to celebrate International Women's Day, which is March 8. In fact, International Women's Week is the largest student-run awareness week at CU-Boulder!

2005 Conference

The Next Wave and International Women's Alliance present:

A Third Wave Feminism Conference
In celebration of the 30th Annual International Women's Week



Currently in its thirtieth year, International Women's Week is an enlightening and educational conference committed to raising social consciousness.  This year's keynote speakers are Alix Olson, award-winning spoken word performer; Kate Bornstein, author of Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us ; Andrea Gibson and Suzy La Follette Panel discussion topics include: "Recasting Feminism in the Academy"; "From the Conventional to the Alternative: Women’s Health Care
Providers and Our Journey Towards Well-Being"
; "From Punk to Rock: Representations of the Lipstick Activist: A
discussion of feminism, pop culture, and media
"; "Sex and the Third Wave: a Pansexual Panel"; and "Men, Masculinity, Activism, and Feminism."

Funded by: Cultural Events Board, Arts and Science Student Government, Stop Hate On Campus, UCSU, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, and the Women’s Resource Center.

IWA Mission Statement
The International Women's Alliance on the University of Colorado's Boulder campus is dedicated to raising consciousness and promoting awareness of current and historical international women's issues.  IWA fosters an open dialogue through workshops and presentations on international issues, community building, and practical tools for chang, e.  We are committed to supporting an equitable social dynamic that does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, or nationality.  We look to find commonalities while celebrating our many perspectives and experiences.

Next Wave Mission Statement

We are a community of fabulous, fun, self-identified feminists creating a woman-centered space. Our goal is to empower through social activism and community building in response to the interlocking agents of injustice. Therefore, we take on feminisms as our foundation. We welcome anyone who is interested in exploring, celebrating, and advocating for the multiplicity of each other's experiences.

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