2004 Schedule of Events
2004 Speaker Bios

 2003 Conference The Politics of Conflict and Consciousness Women in War and Peace

March 5-8, 2002— The Business of Bodies: Women & The Global Sex Market

March 4-9, 2001 Natives, Aliens, and Immigrants: The Politics of Borders
March 5-10, 2000 The Political Economy of Violence



Schedule of Events

The Next Wave and International Women's Alliance present:

A Third Wave Feminism Conference

in honor of the 30th Annual International Women's Week

Keynote Speakers
Kate Bornstein: Wednesday, March 9
Author of Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us
7 pm in Hale 270

Alix Olson: Thursday, March 10
Award-Winning Spoken Word Performer
7 pm in Hale 270

An Activist Groove featuring Andrea Gibson and Suzy La Follette: Friday, March 11
8 pm in Old Main

Panels and Workshops
Monday, March 7:
"Recasting Feminism in the Academy"
Kickoff event, brought to you by the Women’s Studies Department, celebrating its
30th Anniversary in conjunction with International Women’s Week.

Tuesday, March 8:
4 pm, UMC 415: "From the Conventional to the Alternative: Women’s Health Care Providers and Our Journey Towards Well-Being"
7:30 pm, Hale 270: Interactive Third Wave Theatre

Wednesday, March 9:
2 pm, UMC 247: "Punk to Rock: Representations of the Lipstick Activist: A discussion of feminism, pop culture, and media"

Thursday, March 10:
2 pm, UMC 247: "Sex and the Third Wave: a Pansexual Panel"

Friday, March 11:
2 pm, UMC 247: "Men, Masculinity, Activism, and Feminism" with Professor Ross Haenfler, Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the
University of Mississippi

All Events are free and open to the public.