Headed to CU for a tourney?

The Floor

Here's some info to help those coming to Boulder for a tournament. CU has a handful of tournaments each year and they are always held in the General Gym. This is the gym on the upper floor of the Rec Center. Please enter through the main entrance on the South side.

Not surprisingly, parking can be an adventure in and of itself in Boulder. Please remember to read all parking signs before parking. You are responsible for all parking tickets you receive.

As a hint, since most tournaments are held on the weekends, please make sure you are parked in lot 396, 169, or another lot that does not require a permit on the weekends. Football game weekends might change the parking situation. Remember that the meters charge 7 days a week.

EXPERIMENTAL: An interactive map showing you nearby parking areas, and the route from there to the rec center.

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If you've fenced at CU before, you know that our gym floor is not the best surface for fencing. We're sorry about that, and if we could fix it, we would. (We practice on the same floor you compete on, and some of our members have been injured because of it.) Unfortunately we're not in a position to replace the floor.

The problem with the floor isn't exactly the floor itself. Rather, it seems to attract a fine layer of dust, which is what you find yourself sliding around. The morning before every tournament we make a point of wiping the strips down to remove as much dirt as we can.

We also suggest that you keep a moist towel handy to wipe the soles of your shoes clean with. (There is a water fountain outside the gym, accessible via the northeast corner hallway. You're welcome to use it.) Remember you're just trying to remove the dirt. You don't want the shoes to get wet. If you can wiggle your feet around on the floor and get them to squeak a lot, dry them off. Wiping your feet as you enter the building, and changing your shoes in the downstairs changing rooms will also help keep down the dirt in the gym.

The sole of your shoe makes a difference. Running shoes tend to have deep tread which will reduce the amount of contact you make with the floor (not a good idea). Walking shoes don't have the necessary grippy soles. We suggest basketball, racquetball or indoor soccer shoes. A number of our members use Leon Paul Blades, and are quite pleased with them.

If you've found any particular model of shoe to be effective on our floor, please let us know so we can pass that on to everyone else.

Lastly, it is also very important that your shoes be in good repair. Worn out footwear is dangerous on any surface.