Article Submission Program

Find your voice

Like fencing? Want to share your thoughts and experiences with other fencers like you? We want you to do just that! The Article Submission Program wants to put your experiences online for all fencers, inside and outside of the club, to read.

One of the great things about this program is that it's open to anyone! You do not have to be associated with our club to participate, as this program has the modest goal of bringing the fencing community one step closer together.

Visit our articles page if you haven't seen it yet: Articles.

"What would I write about?" you ask. The answer is simple: anything related to fencing with the goal to inspire, entertain, educate, or all of the above. This is also a chance to get at your creative side.

Inspire. What would you say to the countless non-fencers and beginning fencers out there in the world who want to learn more about the art of fencing? What would you say to encourage and give strength to the active fencers out there? Stories of courage, victory, perseverance, and honor succeed in inspiring athletes across the entire spectrum of sports - and fencing is certainly no exception.

Entertain. Everyone knows fencers have the best sense of humor right? Finding those elusive fencing jokes or cartoons can be a challenging task, but when you do, they're priceless. Also, humorous stories aren't the only ones that fit into this category. Anything which shows fencing in a non-standard light or gives information a regular fencer would not normally receive would definitely be interesting and entertaining.

Educate. Fencing is a fairly intricate sport. There's a plethora of various sub-areas in fencing that require their own particular expertise: hosting tournaments, being part of the bout committee, coaching, refereeing, armoring, and fencing itself. This is one of the great things about fencing, there's so many way to get involved! Articles which serve to share knowledge in these areas are of great value to the fencing community at large.

For instance, did you have a long- and hard-fought battle to attain an important victory at an emotional tournament? Can you compose a poem after having gazed over the sea of fencers at your last tourney? Know the best way to defend against a compound attack which ends in a flick against a lefty? Or do you wish to share how fencing has evolved over time from your point of view?

Take a moment to think of an idea that matches this paradigm... done? See, that wasn't so hard.

Here are the submission details. Articles should be at least 200 words, with the exception of humorous content, which might not achieve this length. Images may be submitted alongside the articles. Each article will be reviewed by our submission committee. Although we'd love to put all the submissions on the web, we will verify that the content is appropriate for the website and the fencing community at large, and work with the author if there are any issues. We would like to keep the articles clean, fun, and informational! Authors are also welcome to talk with us about their article ideas before submitting.

To submit articles or ideas, or to ask other questions about this program, e-mail here: Submission Address.

Thanks for your participation!