E-Mail List Subscribe

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Want to stay informed about important fencing announcements and event info? It's real easy to get on either of the CU Fencing e-mail lists.

To subscribe, send a simple e-mail to listproc@lists.colorado.edu. This e-mail needs no subject and only a single line of text in the body. This line should be formatted like so:

subscribe cu-fencing-class [your name]
subscribe cu-fencing [your name]

Include your name where [your name] is shown. Leave the rest of the body blank. Below are some examples of these e-mails. Be sure you receive a confirmation e-mail from the listproc after you send this e-mail. If you have any doubts ask me.

Figure 1: Subscribing to the class e-mail list

Figure 2: Subscribing to the club e-mail list