Looking for some literature?

Yes, even with fencing there's a lot you could read. For example, you might want to relax before your next bout, crack open the official rules, and verify that you did indeed deserve that last touch. Some of the following are related to our club and some to the USFA itself.

Not quite documents, we have some fencing related "artwork" available for use by the general public. Artwork
The CU Fencing Club has an official constitution. Yes it's long and boring as you would expect any constitution to be, but it helps keep us away from a formal dictatorship, and yet somehow locks us into an informal one simultaneously... The constitution helps guide us as a club as generations come and go. It serves as the final word on various questions about organization and club policies. Constitution
Collegiate Sport Clubs Operations Manual
This is the primary document which defines the structure of the Collegiate Sport Clubs organization. This outlines many of the rules by which all the clubs need to abide. CSC Manual
Fencing articles written both by CU Fencing's own members and by others in the fencing community.
Learn how to submit your own articles.
In The News
CU Fencing in the news. In The News
Fencing Class Syllabus

This is an informal syllabus for the fencing class. Actual lessons will vary night-to-night as we modify the lessons to best accomodate the situation and the students - but this is a good rough outline.
Up to date for the Fall 2007 second class.


Feel free to print these out and pass them around. This is one of the tools we use to publicize the class and club.
Only #1 is up to date for the second Fall 2007 class

#1, #2

Help us advertise our collegiate tournament with this Rocky Mountain Collegiate Fleche flyer!
Up to date for the 2007 Fleche

These documents deal with the official rules of fencing as put out by the USFA. The rules of the sport change slightly each year, so it's good to have these around as a reference.
  • The official rules, and referee study guide, are available from
  • The Athlete's Handbook is available from the USFA's forms and documents section. Warning, this has been known to change during the season!
Some good information about the basics of fencing.