Joining the Club

Membership in the club is open and available to any member of the University Rec Center; they have a page dedicated to information about memberships.

Once you've joined the rec, just stop on by our next practice (which you can find on calendar) and introduce yourself to one of our officers. We charge $35 a semester, which includes the use of all our equipment, and rental for tournaments.

If you want to join during the school year, and you don't have previous experience, then we ask that you try to start with us at the beginning of a semester, so we can run our new member training more efficiently. During the summer we can arrange to teach you during our normal practices. And if you've already got experience, you can jump right on in!

If you're only going to be in town for a bit, or you'd just like to check us out, email an officer about visiting for a night. (You'll need $10. $5 for the rec center, and $5 for us.)