Calendar System Help

The fencing club calendar system provides not only a web-based view of the club's schedule, but also makes available iCalendar feeds of the same data, which you can use in Apple's iCal, and many other applications.

By downloading this data to your computer, you can not only use it with your favorite software, but view it alongside your personal schedule, and keep a copy of it on your laptop. A copy which should, depending on your software, update itself when you have access to the Internet.

Subscribing to the feeds varies depending on the calendaring application you use, clicking on the links provided on the calendar page is the first thing to try. Failing that, you'll need to consult the documentation for your software.

As you can see on the calendar page, there are a number of different feeds provided. Each one is intended for people interested in different aspects of the club, from people only taking our beginning class, to people who aren't actually club members, and just want to know when local competitions are.

A list of some software which supports these calendar feeds: Google Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird, Novell Evolution, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and Lotus Notes.


These directions are kind of rough, and will be improved later. Find the link to the calendar you want to subscribe to, and right click (or control click on Macs) that link. Select "Copy Link Location". Then log into CULink, and click on the "Calendar" application along the left side. Find the "Shared" group of calendars below, and click on "Shared". This part is fuzzy: You're looking for an "add", "import" or "subscribe" option. When you find it, you'll end up on a page with two text entry boxes, one for User, and the other for Address. Paste the previously copied link into the address box. Then find the start of the address, that reads "webcal". Change just the text "webcal" to "http". Finally, click the "Add" button next to it.

Google Calendar

Just click on the "Google Calendar" image to subscribe to the full fencing club calendar.

Apple iCal

Just clicking on the link to the calendar you want to subscribe to should work. If it doesn't, control-click the link, and select "Copy Link Location". Then, open iCal and press Option-Cmd-S. Paste the link into the window that opens (using Cmd-V) and then click "Subscribe".

When you've subscribed to the calendar in Apple's iCal, this is what you'll see: