Get your CU Fencing gear here

The CU Fencing Club sells T-Shirts and patches with the club's logo. The availability of these items will vary from season to season due to our ordering constraints, but we'll let you know what we have in stock once you contact us with what you'd like to buy. Here's the prices for these items: We are willing to ship the items as long as you also cover the shipping. Contact us to order or for more information.
NOTE: we have limited sizes, so please verify with us before placing your order, thank you.


CU Fencing Patch CU Fencing Patch
White T-Shirt
CU Fencing White T-Shirt CU Fencing White T-Shirt
Black T-Shirt
CU Fencing Black T-Shirt CU Fencing Black T-Shirt

We've also done a team jacket in the past, available only to club members. (Sorry, general public!) These are rather more expensive items that we can't afford to stock, or order in small quantities. If you want one, let us know so we can start building up an order.