In our efforts to prevent the disease we engage in a number of activities both on campus and in the community. One important aspect of cancer prevention that concerns CSAC is that of tobacco use. In the United States, at least one-third of all cancer deaths and one-fifth of deaths overall are attributable to tobacco use each year. CSAC members are collaborating with the Student Tobacco Education Program admininstered through the Student Wellness Program at Wardenburg Health Center to address this issue on campus. In addition, members are involved in the community with the Alliance of Boulder County on Tobacco and Health and a high school program entitled Get R!EAL (Resist! Expose Advertising Lies). Get R!EAL empowers youth to educate their peers on the advertising tactics of Big Tobacco and the dangers of tobacco use. CSAC is continually seeking ways to expand its role in the tobacco control community.

Preventing cancer through tobacco control is only one aspect of CSAC's Outreach program. Additional cancer awareness campaigns focusing on breast, testicular, skin, and other cancers will coincide with national awareness weeks. CSAC compiles a growing body of literature on cancer causes, awareness, and prevention methods for our members and the general public as a whole. Future CSAC projects may address the relationship between cancer and nutrition and/or other aspects of cancer prevention.

Not only do we feel that it is critical to educate the community, we also feel it necessary to educate our members. CSAC, therefore, seeks out cancer- related internship opportunities and conferences for our members. Most internships are in the fields of molecular biology research, but we hope to diversify as our database grows. Internships are both In-state and nationally located and provide opportunities for a wide range of research interests.

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