CSAC bylaws

Everyone in CSAC participates on a volunteer basis. Hours are logged for purposes of community service documentation only. Our intention is to make the events and fundraisers enjoyable so that people will want to participate instead of feeling obligated to do so. Volunteer opportunities in local hospitals may also be an aspect of CSAC membership.

CSAC wishes to benefit the Denver/Boulder community as a whole. Our primary focus is helping those affected by cancer. This does not mean, however, that we focus only on those physically suffering from the condition. Cancer reaches far into the community and we aim to connect with those who experience the pain of seeing a loved one battle cancer as well as individuals who have already won the battle against the disease and what to help others do the same.

Our first priority is people. Many people who suffer from terminal illnesses such as cancer experience feelings of alienation, depression and loneliness. The battle is exhausting and the road to a recovery long. We want to help the people who are affected by cancer by letting them know that they are not alone and that the vast CU community cares.

CSAC sponsors parties at Children’s Hospital in Denver, where children and their siblings can come, decorate a cookie or two, and spend time with fun-loving college students. Also planned is a day of caroling there, during the winter season.

We are working in conjunction with the Psychological Services on campus to provide support in a group setting. The support group is free to students, faculty and other community members and meets Thursday mornings. For more information please contact Mark.A.Nelson@colorado.edu

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