College Students Against Cancer
Executive Meeting Minutes
October 16, 2006
UMC 404, 8:00pm

I. Retreat
a. Meeting Friday 1pm at Starbucks on University and Broadway

II. Mission Statement Revisited
a. Understand what we are doing
b. Necessary to update mission statements?
c. Contact past executives to see their feelings and their original goals

III. Relay for Life
a. Flyers: hang in classrooms
b. Chalk on boards (include website)
c. Do purchase order
d. Setup starts at 3pm on November 3: show up if you can help

IV. CSAC Team for Relay for Life
a. Send out an email to contact Rachel to sign-up
b. Email general members

V. General Meeting every month
a. Next general meeting: Monday, October 23

VI. Pink Tie Affair (Denver)
a. Last year, CSAC sent execs
b. Jellybeans or M&M's guessing during Yoplait

VII. AMSA Dinner for Cancer
a. Spending budget?