Capoeira Angola is like two snakes fighting
One is Africa and the other is Brasil

Capoeira Angola is many things all at once. It can be a person's way of defending themselves, a way to preserve Afro-Brazilian culture, a great way to exercise, a way to connect with one's community, and a way to entertain oneself.

This African-Brazilian folk art combines playful sparring,
music, dance, ritual and philosophy into a unique game thatís
dangerous, yet beautiful. Some of the roots of Capoeira can
be traced back to the Nígolo, an acrobatic challenge dance
from the southwest of Africa that imitates the movements of
zebras. Itís influences have spread into the realms of break
dancing, hip hop, jazz, modern dance as well as many other

Our group is no longer active.

Many thanks to those of you who participated in our club
over the years!

May you find the eternal peace that lives in all of us in
your journey through life. Paz e prosperidade!