AIESEC is a student-run international work-exchange program. We develop leaders to be socially aware and culturally sensitive so that our past does not become our future. We interview and accept college students and recent graduates at the University of Colorado and neighboring areas and we provide leadership opportunities and offer traineeships (internships) abroad.

We are more than just an internship program, as you will find out from talking to any member of AIESEC or from reading in these pages. We provide a global network of individuals who provide an experience like none other.

Our process to go abroad involves admittance as a member into our community. Once you have been selected to become an AIESEC member, you put a type of resume online that employers around the world can see. You will then match yourself up with a job and contact the employer to apply for it.

Once you apply for the job, the company reviews your application. If a match is in order, then you have secured a job in another country. Housing and cultural preparation are administered by AIESEC members in the country of your residence as well as your new home. This, of course, is just the bare bones of what AIESEC is.

We also have ongoing recruitment not only for students interested in going abroad, but also for students who just want to be a part of our community and learn about international issues while developing themselves as a global leader.

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