PSN is a SELF-SERVICE network. Members are expected to take care of their needs on their own. People who live in community do their share of the work required to keep the community working well. Think of PSN as a community and do your share. This document is intended to facilitate your assuming that responsibility.

This is a list of some of the listserv commands at your disposal. All commands and addresses are case insensitive.
The commands/messages discussed below should all be sent to

The subscribe command is FOUR words only: subscribe psn your name

Example: subscribe psn Bart Simpson

The unsubscribe command is just two words: unsubscribe psn

These two words should be in the message, not the subject line.

If your efforts to unsub have been frustrated, please write to martha.gimenez at, rather than taking the problem to the list. It is helpful to forward a copy of mail from listproc@lists that shows the source of your problem.

Bureaucratically yours, :-)

Martha E. Gimenez
PSN Founding Editor