Re: The end of the seminar.

Sat, 14 Mar 1998 19:38:34 -0800
Clayton Bagwell (

Thank you, very much, to all who participated. I enjoyed this discussion
very much. It kept me up late on several occassions.

As Martha remarked, it may not have unfolded exactly as we thought it would.
There were many more anti-marx positions than I expected. But one must
think and be sharp in order to answer these critics as well. Working in the
mines and mills of Vancouver Island has given me the opportunity to become
very clear on my class affiliation and our relationship to the bourgeoisie,
this in contradiction of some contributors who were happy to announce the
disappearance of the proletariat and class struggle. Does anyone watch the
six o'clock news? Is the world at peace?

I particulary value the contributions of Martha Gimenez and Franklin
Dmitryev. I felt these were firmly grounded in what Marx said with
regard to the revolutionary advance of humankind. These not only resisted,
but opposed the academic temptation to make oneself greater than the
subject. Thank you very much for the heartening insights, interpretations
and the resources presented. I really enjoyed the brief association.

In permanent revolution,
Clayton Bagwell
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