Re: coomunity of women

Sat, 14 Mar 1998 20:31:35 +0000
C. J. Arthur (

Charles brown wrote
> I draw from Rob Beamish's mention of Marx and Engels avoiding Hess's
>Fouriest concept of community of women, and Marx's specific denunciation of it
>in the 1844 Manuscripts , that they were advanced feminism in recognizing that
>with the ancient male chauvinist double standard, community of men must
>precede community of women in sexual liberation. >
Now wait a minute. Neither Fourier nor Hess advocated community of women.
On the contrary. When marx wrote in 1844 that the measure of civilisation
is determined by the level of liberation of women he was in effect quoting
Fourier who had by far the most progressive position on marriage and
women's liberation of anyone at the time. As far as I know there was not a
single communist who advocated community of women. As Marx pointed out in
the Manifesto this was a slander invented by the bourgoisie . In 1844 Marx
did polemicise against this idea but without mentioning anyone - as far as
I can se he thought it was a logical consequnce of crude communism which
simply generalised existing concepts of property to the community. But it
was in polemics against this communism that he relied on Fourier as its
Chris Arthur