Re: Engels Centenary

Sat, 14 Mar 1998 19:14:45 +0000
C. J. Arthur (

In relation to the Engels Centenary may I also commend the Sayers book (in
which if I may say so Martha Gimenez paper is the best) and draw attention
to the following:
C. J. Arthur Ed. *Engels Today: A Centenary Appreciation* (Macmillan UK /
St. Martin's 1996) which contains papers by Terrell Carver, Andrew Collier,
Ted Benton, Sean Sayers (yes - the husband!), Lise Vogel (on Engels'
Origins book), Anne Denehey, and myself (on Engels' work on Marx's
Capital). The first six defend different aspects of Engels' work; Vogel and
myself are more critical.
Thank you for your indulgence
Chris Arthur

>Thank you Gunder for this important information. I would like to bring to
>the attention of seminar participants a book that those of you interested
>in Engels might find useful:
>Janet Sayers, Mary Evans and Nanneke Redclift, eds., ENGELS REVISITED:
>New Feminist Essays (Tavistock, 1987).
>The book contains the essays presented in a conference held in 1984, in
>the University of Kent, Canterbury, to commemorate the 100th anniversary
>of the publication of The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the
>State. My chapter is entitled "Marxist and non-Marxist Elements in
>Engels' Views on the Oppression of women."
>Martha E. Gimenez