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Zirkle, Connie J (

I would love to read the full essay.

Thanks in advance!

Connie Zirkle

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Nancy: how would you like to co-author a new section
on the Red Feather Manifesto based, in goodly part,
on your 72k essay...could you do it in, say, two or
three pages using in so far as possible the linguistic
style of the M-E Manifesto??

...and do send the full essay...I'll read it Sunday
as the most holy thing I could do.
Chas A. Ostenle

Chas A Ostenle
Research Scholar
the Red Feather Institute
>If anyone is interested in reading a 72K essay in which I begin
to make my
>argument, please email me and I will promptly send it to you.
>Best regards,
>Nancy Brumback
>Core Faculty
>New College of California
>741 Valencia
>San Francisco, CA 94110
>P.S. To charge Marx with Eurocentrism would also indeed be
unproductive, but
>the same argument holds: in what way(s) has this bias affected
his analysis
>of history?
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Weidman, Mi., 48893