Re: Manifesto for Praxis-Ostenle

Tue, 10 Mar 1998 06:04:01 -0500
T R Young (

I am most pleased with the critique of Clayton Bagwell;
It contains within it several guides to major revisions
of the Red Feather Manifesto which I greatly appreciate...
such systematic critique is raison d'etre for this seminar
and, in my opinion, well serves...

I shall rethink the RF Manifesto in terms of
Bagwell's critique and...most happily...take advice from
members of the seminar on how to improve that last section
on suggestion for transforming private ownership and free
market capitalism toward democracy and praxis on a
global scale.

And..I will respond to each point when I've caught up a
bit here.

Chas A Ostenle
Research Scholar
the Red Feather Institute
TR Young, 8085 Essex
Weidman, Mi., 48893