The date of the publication of the Manifesto

Wed, 4 Mar 98 13:37:23
Manjur Karim (

I have a question to Rob Beamish about the exact date of the
publication of the Manifesto. In a footnote of your article, Rob
mentioned "..he (Marx) have delivered the manuscript to London by
early to mid-February. The minutes of the London "Workingmen's
Educational Society" indicate February 29, 1848 approval of the
transfer of funds covering the costs of the Manifesto's publication.
Working backwards from that date, the pamphlet was printed the
preceding week (February 22-29) or as early as February 14-21."

Last year, I heard on the Public radio that February 26 was the date
of the publication. Accordingly, I posted a message on PSN. This
year, I posted a similar message on PSN and the CM-150-l list. There
were a few questions on the CM-150 list about the date. At least one
person suggested an alternative date. So, I contacted the Public
radio International people. They said their information about 26th
February being the date for the publication of the Manifesto came from
*Books of Days for the Literary Year*, edited by Neal T. Jones. The
publisher is Thames and Hudson, a London based publisher. The edition
they use was published in 1978. I don't know, how academically valid
the source is. I would like to hear Rob's comment on this issue.

Manjur Karim