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Dear CU-Boulder Retiree Parking Permit Holder,                                                                                                                                                  1/5/2005



If you have retired from CU prior to January 1, 2005 and are a current holder of a retiree pemrit you now have two options:


A) Take no action and simply retain your current permit granting access to the Euclid AutoPark (EAP or lot 205) at no charge (with overflow parking in the Regent AutoPark -RAP/lot 436) as long as you remain retired.




B) You may trade your lot 205/436 retiree permit for one of the new four-lot retiree permits (such a trade is permanent) that allows free parking in lots 308, 436, 282 and 560 and allows half-price parking in the Euclid AutoPark (all EAP parking charges are rounded up to the nearest quarter dollar). You are familiar with the Euclid AutoPark, the four free lots are:


Lot 308 -south across Regent Drive from Regent Administrative Center

Lot 436- east across Regent Drive from the College of Engineering

Lot 282 -on-street parking on Grandview Ave. and parts of 13th and 15th in Grandview

Lot 560 -on East Campus south of the ARC, just north of Boulder Creek and east of IBG


If you wish to trade in your current 205 permit for one of the new four-lot retiree permits, please contact Sissy Hedrick at or 303-735-8581 to make arrangements to exchange your permit.


Our campus parking map is available on-line at:

http:/ /    You can ZOOM in and out using the - & + buttons just to the right of center in the tool bar above the map.


Those who retire after December 31,2004 and apply for a retiree permit will be issued one of the new four-1ot permits with half-price access to the Euclid AutoPark.


Our web site contains a "guest book"  page that allows users to post comments regarding the policy change.


You may also call me with questions or comments at x5-5600.


Thank you.


David Cook, Permits and Transportation Manager

CU Parking and Transportation Services

CB 502 UCB

303-735-5600 phone

303- 735-5400 fax