(Boulder Campus and System Only)



The Eco Pass is an RTD program for employers to provide a group transit pass program for their employees; retirees are not eligible as retirees per se. To be eligible, a retiree must have come back to work for the University as evidenced by his or her PeopleSoft HR record. To be eligible to receive an Eco Pass sticker for your Buff OneCard as a CU retiree, your PeopleSoft record must contain both:

1. A retiree record (a “CUR” record in PeopleSoft), along with

2. A second PeopleSoft record (a “CU” record) that indicates that you have a non-student work appointment on the CU-Boulder campus or in the CU-System.


An emeritus designation alone does not qualify a retiree for an Eco Pass; it is an honorary designation, not a work appointment. Benefits related job codes are not work appointments and do not qualify a retiree for and Eco Pass either. Faculty retirees seeking active work appointments (possibly as Professor Adjunct) must do so through their department chair and Dean/Appointing Authority. Faculty and staff retirees who currently qualify for Eco Pass privileges do so under a number of different job codes and titles.




For more information about the Eco Pass program, here is a link to the Parking and Transportation Commuting Web Page: