Volunteer Tutoring Opportunities in the Department of Athletics


The Athletic Department is searching for volunteer tutors in the following areas:


Sociology courses, specifically


    • SOCY 3001 Classical Theory, and
    • SOCY 3301 Survey Methods.


 Political Science courses, specifically


    • PSCI 1101 American Political Systems;
    • PSCI 2223 Introduction to International Relations, and
    • PSCI 2012 Intro. to Comparative Politics. 


There are also a few upper division courses but the previous list is the Department's priority.


Most students need 1 hour per week of tutoring but some may require two meetings per week. The tutoring is usually done one on one. You can sign up for as little as one hour a week.

This is an opportunity to demonstrate that CURFA is a valuable part of the University. It can be as small a commitment as one hour a week and might be very enjoyable.


If anyone is interested, please contact me and Mindy Sclaro, Academic and Tutor Coordinator University of Colorado Athletics 303-735-2491, www.cubuffs.com/academics, Mindy.Sclaro@Colorado.Edu.


 Nort Steuben, Norton.Steuben@Colorado.Edu, 303-447-1581